100+ Hopeful People Urgently Work To Save Beached Whale Stranded In Sandbar

A group of 100+ people came together, from passers-by to marine rescuers to a man who merely jumped in his truck and showed up after seeing a post on Facebook about an injured whale. Some people held tarps, others did some digging, but most of all, the community just wanted to take care of the poor mammal down on his luck.

Once the massive whale was hoisted onto the raft, a few daring rescuers waddled into the water to help release him. The whale was unable to successfully swim for a while because the low tide was causing some unforeseen difficulty in the shallow sandbars. These kind strangers were out in the freezing cold water for almost half an hour when he was finally able to swim away. The dozens of people who helped with his rescue are hopeful he made it out alive.

See the video below to witness an optimistic community in action, together in unison to save the life of an animal far from home.

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