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I asked the community on Facebook what questions candidates running for Katy ISD School Board should answer.

Did you support restricting the hiring pool for the recent Superintendent to only current employees?

Sean Dolan: I was very vocal about wanting to open the candidate pool to the best candidate possible. The community was very clearly in support of this. Courtney Doyle, Ashley Vann, George Scott, and Bill Lacy all voted to limit the applications to internal candidates, made it clear they wanted Ken Gregosrki, making it unreasonable for anyone else to apply. Only a single candidate applied, Ken Gregorski, our new Superintendent. These same people are supporting Duke Keller and Lance Redmon.

What are the most important changes do you feel need to be made to the district, and if elected what will you do to help implement them?

Sean Dolan: The greatest failure of the Katy ISD School Board from 2016-2019 has been ignoring the will of the community they represent. They refused input when hiring Dr. Hindt, they refused to listen when citizens came forward with issues about that Superintendent, and when they replaced him, they did it all over again, refusing to open up the candidate pool to national candidates. I will simply represent the will of the community, which requires sitting down and listening to them. I have been critical of the district for over a year now, and not a single candidate currently running for the board has ever asked to sit down with me and hear my side or review my evidence. I have asked to meet with all three.
Having the courage to meet with those you disagree with is vital for the future of Katy ISD. I hope to lead by example in showing that peaceful resolution comes through listening not retaliation.

Do you believe that the Discipline Management Plan should be in line with state law and the Constitution?

Sean Dolan: If the Discipline Management Plan contradicts state or federal laws, then the policy is illegal to enforce, and opens us up to liability. All policies need to comply with the law, period. Anyone who decides to follow the law instead of a policy that contradicts that law, will have my full support.

If you discovered that gave a leader in our district a plagiarism score of 32% for their college dissertation or thesis, what would you do?

Sean Dolan: I would give them an opportunity to turn themselves in, then alert their school if they did not.

Will you be able to stand your ground against the other BOT members when they don’t have ideas that are right for the district.

Sean Dolan: Always have, always will. On or off the board.

Sean Dolan

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