I am humbled and honored to receive support from great people all across this district. If you would like your name added to the list, please contact me. 

Linse Meadows: Sean loves people. That’s the heart of it. He pushed me to start a thriving business, grew one of his own to huge success, and even got a local homeless man permanently off the streets. When Harvey hit, he was in a boat, pulling people out of the water. You can call him a trouble maker all day, but you can’t argue with who he is. I’ve known Sean for 17 years – from way back when I was a State Champ Wrestler for Katy High School, where a wrestling friend from church introduced us. Just about every weekend he would ask if there was any leftover pizza at church, because he wanted us to go out and feed the homeless. During junior and senior year of high school he was president of Best Buddies, a club that pairs special needs kids with classmates who serve as mentors. I never heard him boast about any of this – it was just where his heart was, even then. And he’s still at it today. Sean was always a servant – a voice for people who didn’t have one. While his stepson was in school he started noticing some troubling issues. So he followed school protocol and took every step to learn how best to help, both as a parent and by working with teachers and staff. Sean started to notice policies and procedures were being completely ignored, and that sometimes evidence of wrongdoing was covered up. He couldn’t understand how even when following the rules, working up the prescribed chain of command, at every level the problem was either ignored, or turned into another promised meeting or a full-blown cover-up. As he started to voice his concerns, he learned there was an abundance of Katy families whose issues with their own children were mishandled the same way. Since then Sean has done what he’s always done –been a voice those who need one. In this case, for the children and parents who are either afraid to voice their grievances, or have given up because they tried and were completely ignored. Worse yet, some have been further victimized by the school system or accused of lying. I know Sean, and I know if he is voted onto the board he will deliver sorely needed compassion, consistency, and transparency. That’s how he works. Sean wants the best for our kids, parents, and teachers. That will be THE END of posing a painful question to the board and getting NO ANSWER as the response.

Mary McGarr, Katy ISD Trustee, 1991-1996: Sean and I became acquainted a year ago when he asked me for information about bullying in KISD. Reading articles on my website, he realized I had the same concerns that he does on bullying. We also found that we agreed on many other issues. I am convinced that Sean will not buy into the baloney KISD foists on all their new Board members trying to make them feel like big shots. Newly elected board members have an uncanny propensity to roll over and do as told within days of getting elected. Sean does not need any glory, acclaim or approval. He already has plenty of that. He is only interested in improving the academic educations of KISD students and having students and their teachers treated with courtesy and respect. He’s smart and will know when the administration is trying to pull another fast one.
That’s why I’m voting for him, and I hope all citizens who care about the education of children will vote for him as well.

Judy Boukheir: I’ve been reading the posts on A Better Legacy for a couple of months now. I’ve been a teacher for 18 years in this district, and a taxpayer for 20. All of my children graduated from Katy ISD and were well prepared for college. All of the wonderful things our district provides means that we should also have room to hear taxpayers when they have dissenting views with district officials. A healthy district listens to the views of it’s citizen’s even if they might not agree with them. I’ve read through all the posts, and I’ve formed my own opinions regarding them. I encourage all people in the district to do the same. “Without debate, without criticism no administration and no country can succeed and no republic can survive.” John F. Kennedy

My name is Scot Rice. My wife is Flo Rice. On May 18th she was shot 5 times. I was there that morning and saw the carnage and rushed my wife to the hospital. The problems Santa Fe had prior to the shooting that made it possible for these murders to be carried out are similar to the issues going on in Katy ISD also, in my opinion. The bullying and the district belief that this crime can’t happen here is a problem no one should be ignoring. Safety is paramount to an environment of learning. All districts need to wake up and shape up. This is why I endorse Sean Dolan for Katy ISD school board, so changes can be made to keep this type of Disaster from happening there.

Nick Fundytus: I have the utmost respect for Sean because he is a natural leader; instead of just waiting for change to happen, he has put the community on his back and is driving the change. What started out as a parent concerned for the safety, security and education of his own child has grown into a movement to repair the KISD ecosystem and enable every current and future student to achieve their full potential in a safe and secure environment. Sean has a clear focus on accountability and transparency at every level of KISD and I am confident that Sean’s ability to drive change will be exponentially increased once he is on the Board of Trustees. Every vote for Sean is a vote to restore power back to the people of the KISD community where it belongs.

Jamie Denslow Peay: I know that you have always been a champion for truth, honesty and integrity. You have always been an outstanding coach to our football players. You have been a champion for special needs children, anti bullying and funding improvements in education and improved pay for teachers. You’re not a politician- you’re someone that truly cares!

Greg Barrett: I would like to endorse Sean Dolan for the KISD Board of Trustees. He is an honorable man and will do a great job for KISD, I have no doubt he will be the change we need on the board to make KISD a better place for our children and grandchildren.

I fully support and endorse Sean Dolan. I have known Sean since the 6th grade. Sean was one of my first friends after moving to Katy. In the 23 years I have known Sean, he has always been an upstanding and genuine person. Sean was never afraid to be a friend to the least popular students. Sean has always stood up for the bullied children. While most highschool students were out doing their thing, Sean was very active in a program called ”Best Buddies” a program for children with special needs. Not only did he spend time with them during school, he would also pick them up and take them places on weekends. This is one of the many reasons I will always have the utmost respect For Sean. Sean was a talented child and is a talented adult. I have no doubt in my mind that his talent will transfer to the school board. Sean Dolan is the kind of person KISD needs to lead our community.

Brian LaFrance: Sean is a perfect candidate for this position. He’s a great leader, works hard to make the world better, seeks truth, and is always willing to listen to all sides of a story before making a decision. Katy ISD will benefit greatly from his involvement and desire to make the district a better place for students, teachers, parents, and administrators.

Denise Kakas: Sean Dolan. Where do I start? I have known Sean for almost 5 years now and can not say enough of how he is a “stand up” guy, father, and human. Passionate and honest in EVERYTHING he pursues. From his company PushFire, to his sports involvement (ultra marathons, martial arts,etc) to his family and community. He pushes thru to find the good and injustices in the world. Need to get something done and make it fair? Get Sean on it!

Brett Allen: I’ve known Sean since we were in middle school in Katy. He’s a great friend and advocate for our Katy community. I’ve seen him get involved and go to work whenever he felt he could make a difference. Recently, he’s turned his focus to making a difference in Katy ISD. Clearly there’s a need for change and new voices to be heard on the board. I trust Sean will bring a NEW and better approach, one of fairness and integrity. Sean gets my vote.

Christopher Diaz: I, 100% endorse Sean Dolan for Katy ISD Board of Trustees. Sean has put the community first, taken the time to listen to those who have been tossed aside by the district, and has identified issues in the district that need to be addressed, not overlooked for the sake of branding.

He believes in accountability, Transparency and has always been open to conversation; especially, on topics that may be opposing to his own personal beliefs. I believe that with him on the board, I believe he will be an honest voice for our Teachers and Katy ISD staff so they do not have to fear retribution and he will put the safety of our children; especially those who are Special Needs first.

Angela Hammond: I’ve known Sean personally for 4 years now and in those 4 years I have gotten to know him and his family very well. Sean is a dedicated father and husband, who puts his family first above all. He is extremely passionate about doing what is right and is one of the kindest and most empathetic human beings I know. He has taken his family to stay for a few months in places such as the Dominican Republic for the summer so his children can see how many opportunities and how blessed they are to live in these great United States. He and his wife Rae vetted an organization in the Dominican Republic that helps further children’s education and reached out to help fund this organizations vision so they could help even more local children. He is an honest businessman and never compromises his morals or ethics. He stands by what he says and always seeks to understand. He will do what is right for the children. I highly recommend voting for Sean in the upcoming election.

Zephariah Snapp: Sean Dolan has my endorsement for this, and all other political positions he might pursue. While we don’t agree on everything, his character, sense of fair play, and INTEGRITY are second to none. I’ve watched him do his very best to help people whenever and wherever he could, even to the detriment of his own well being. The Board of Trustees would be lucky to have such a person involved in their organization.

Christina Querido: Sean is a passionate and determined person that I have known going on 20 years. He has always been an honest, genuinely caring person, for which I have the utmost respect. Sean comes from a wonderful, loving, supportive family that instilled in him the importance of doing good and serving others. He has never been one to be discouraged by challenging situations or people and I believe that is why he would be a perfect fit to serve on the Katy ISD Board of Trustees. Sean is consistently respectful and is a dedicated family man. He is committed to making improvements within Katy ISD for the benefit of all students, families, and staff. I fully believe that, if elected, Sean will achieve the positive impact for which he has already been working so hard for.

Aaron Eaves: I’ve known Sean on both a personal and professional level for more than 6 years. I can say without a shadow of a doubt that this man is full of integrity, perseverance, and transparency. I trust Sean as a friend and I trust Sean as someone I have done business with for years. I have zero doubt that he is the right person for this position and that he will uphold the highest standard for Katy ISD.

Shane Gerhardt: Ive known Sean since I was a kid. Went to the same church and he is a stand up honest man!! Glad I came across your video and was able to share it for more people to see! I myself have been bullied and have bullied people growing up. Now as a adult I help kids through coaching and training to find self worth and discipline to not have to be depressed and see that there is always something better!!

Ighamdee McGrew: Mr. Dolan is very active in the district and knowledgeable of the policys. He isn’t afraid to address the wrong doings of people no matter what they’re position is. Right is right, wrong is wrong. He can reter many useful resources and also be a great advocate.

Mike Lyons: Great site that not only brings peoples experiences for the negative action of the school, but is very proactive to fixing the problems to make the KISD an positive environment for the kids. Evil only prevails when good people do nothing! You will also see the parents on this sight helping others in need and helping out of their own pockets! Love to see this!

Denise Cupit: Thank so much for everything that you do. We can not expect our children to have, and be held to, high moral and ethical standards if we do not demand the same thing from the administration that is responsible for educating them. Witnessing the hostile (and expensive) blow back from the district towards parents, that simply want the problems addressed, has only highlighted the extent of what needs to be fixed within our schools. If we can do better, we should do better.

Tifanni Hughes: Thank you Sean for your hard work. I appreciate your willingness to listen and help those within the community. I respect someone who will keep the dialogue open even when met with opposing views. Keep up the good work because it doesn’t go unnoticed.

Dianne Okita: I totally endorse Sean Dolan for Katy ISD Board of Trustees. He is the much needed change in Katy ISD.

Kevin Doory: I am amazed at all of these folks who are spending their energy trying to discredit you and tear you down. Imagine if they used that same energy to better the lives and experiences their children have while in the KISD. Sean is determined to make the district a better place for everyone. He cares about the truth and the quality of life for his community.

Bud Collier: I endorse Sean Dolan for the Katy ISD Board of Trustees. During the past few years I have watched him stand up for the rights of our children. He is highly motivated to help the Katy ISD with their budget and ensure that they follow all of the School Board Policies. Sean sends a positive message to the families. He will not back down when the safety of our children and schools are at issue. Thanks from my family, William Collier

Todd Deville: I have known this man for many, many years, and would put my name behind anything he does. The way his name has been dragged through the mud is disgusting. I know he only has the best interests of the district in his heart, and I pledge my unapologetic support. Prayers with you, Sean.

Aaron Eaves
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Allison Low Bognar
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