I Was On A Reality Show

Many political candidates worry about things they did in their past coming back to haunt them. This is not one of those things, and I’m not one of those candidates. In 2003, by request of a friend of mine to tag along with her to audition for a reality show, I somehow found myself on NBC’s reality show FAME performing in front of 24 million viewers. I did not last long, but the experience opened my eyes to how little control you have as the talent. I decided that I wanted to control my future, and that’s when I became more serious about building my business.

You’ll see a familiar face at 3:24

Growing up in Katy Texas almost my whole life, it was an incredible experience to live with 23 young adults from all walks of life. We stay in touch in a Facebook group. We call ourselves FAME-ILY. Being on a reality show exposes you to a lot of scrutiny and criticism, and it can be a lot to take, but never once did I regret the experience. Before they would let us perform live, they had us speak with a psychologist. He asked us if we had any suicidal thoughts. I was curious why he asked me that question, and he said that being on a reality show is even harder than running for local office.

I find that very ironic today, running for local office, but boy was he right. 😉

Sean Dolan

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