On the Issues

On Bullying

  • I support the idea of having an option for opt-in mutual parent contact when issues arise between students. Teachers and faculty have enough work to do without having the role of referee between parents. If two children have a problem, and a parent gives permission for the other parent to know who they are and how to contact them, we should let the people who often possess the strongest ability to influence and control the actions of the child handle the situation.
  • I support stronger enforcement of the district's current bullying policies and will advocate that any investigation into bullying accusations be fact-finding missions and not treated as a public relations issue.

Fiscal Responsibility

  • The current district culture does not invite ideas and innovations to flow up the chain of command. If supervisors will not hear the ideas, I will, and I will propose them in a way that protects the source, until the culture changes.
  • Any bond measure that is rejected by a vote should not be allowed to be in another bond for a certain number of years. 
  • Vendors who make extremely low bids to win a contract, and then run over budget, should not be allowed to bid for a certain amount of time.
  • The district should never hire outside counsel to sue a citizen for something they have no chance of winning.

On Special Education

  • Abuse in special education classrooms is something I have absolutely zero tolerance for. I support cameras in the special education classroom as a standard prevention and accountability measure for the protection of not only the students but also the teachers.
  • I support a parent's right to see the video of their child in their special education classroom upon request.
  • I support a no tolerance stance of physical abuse in a special education classroom. While I acknowledge that children who fall under the special education umbrella can be extremely challenging at times, abuse is not an acceptable response in our schools by an adult to any child for any reason.

On Teacher Support

  • Teachers should never be afraid to state the truth. I support the enactment of an anonymous whistleblower system and encourage teachers to document any instances of retaliation they receive for doing what is in the best interest of their safety and the safety of their students.
  • A teacher should never be asked or expected to endure abuse by a student. I will advocate that teachers be given the support of the administration at both the school and district level to remove documented, continual sources of distress to teachers, para-professionals, other faculty, or other students in the classroom.
  • If a parent is difficult to deal with, teachers should be able to send them up the chain of command without retaliation. While trying to discredit, delay, ignore, or lie to a parent is not the typical action most teachers will take, sometimes teachers are not prepared to be the front line with difficult parents and make decisions rooted in frustration. Disgruntled parents should be handled by administrative staff with additional training if a parent teacher conference doesn't solve the issue so that teachers can focus on teaching. I support the addition of staff whose primary role is to act as liaisons and mediators between the parent and teacher communities.

On Transportation

  • We need to address the bus driver shortage and I believe it to be self-inflicted. I support anonymously surveying current and former bus drivers to identify the pain points in the recruitment process and to gain insight into retainment issues.
  • I support drivers filing discipline reports as required without fear of retribution from the administration.
  • I support suspension for kids who cannot follow the rules after initial warnings. I support kicking students with repetitive suspensions or those proven guilty of initiating physical assault off the bus for the remainder of the school year.
  • I support increasing the amount of video and audio recording done on the busses to protect both drivers and students. Ideally there would be 3 cameras with audio capabilities per bus like Aldine ISD has. I also support storing the past 30-days of the recorded bus activity at all times.

On Two-Way Immersion

  • In light of the amount of support I witnessed for this program at school board meetings, members of the community deserve a real answer surrounding the decision to discontinue and phase out the program. I support and will advocate for a study being done to determine the efficacy of the program. If the program is effective for the kids, then I'll motion for the board to consider reinstating the program.