My Wife Breaks Her Silence #1

I have stayed quiet on this election. In fact, I’ve stayed relatively quiet on this whole damn debacle. But that’s going to change some. Because it’s important. This election is important. It’s not about whether Rebecca, or Duke, or Sean get elected. It’s about whether or not this community will accept the actions of the last year in silence.

Rebecca represents the board staying precisely as it has been for the last 16 or however many years she’s been on it. She’s fantastic at sucking up to teachers, moms, and volunteers. And those are the only people who show up to vote. It’s why she was considered unbeatable by many until this year, when she decided to veer from the approved playbook, and lost the support of the board members who hold the marionette strings in this puppet show.

By all accounts I’ve heard, Keller is a nice guy. But he is a nice guy being endorsed – and advertising the endorsement of – a man of repugnant character (though with an impressive and envious level of charisma). He and Redmon – both being die-hard Tigers – deciding to run during a year when their neighborhood – Firethorne – is going to be the subject of rezoning discussions that could move them from KHS to high school number 9 is convenient.

Some members of the die-hard Katy crew have been planning the coup to keep Firethorne at KHS since the moment high school number 9 was announced. The plan is to argue that the northwest quad is not growing fast enough to keep KHS at the capacity needed to maintain all their funding if Firethorne gets moved right now. But if they’re not moved when High School number 9 opens, they will be no where for them to move in the future. By the time those with Tiger spirit in the Northwest quad realize championing to landlock Firethorne to KHS means much of the Northwest quad will be rezoned to High School #10 a few years down the road – the land for which is conveniently located two miles northwest of Paetow if memory serves – it will be too late. But I digress.

And Sean? Well, Sean is opinionated, brash, has problems with authority, and has to fight every single damn wrong he encounters – even when doing so is at his own expense. If anyone knows my husband’s faults, I can assure you it’s me. I keep a running mental list of them to use when he leaves mayonnaise on the counter overnight – again. He’s everything a politician shouldn’t be. But, what makes him most dangerous to the current leadership of Katy ISD – what has made them fight and smear and spend tens of thousands on private investigators in an attempt to find dirt on him – is that he cannot be controlled.

Sean represents accountability. He represents change. Sean represents intolerance for the circus of the last year. You might believe he caused it, but he was handed the ammo to do so over, and over, and over, and over, and over again. If people don’t want Sean to point out their plagiarism, unpaid taxes, backroom deals, overspending, valuing PR over the students, and fiscal irresponsibility, the solution isn’t for him to shut up about it. The answer is to STOP. DOING. IT.
But, before we get into any further discussion on the political side of things, I want to bring you back to the very beginning.

A little over a year ago, my husband, Sean Dolan, went to a Katy ISD school board meeting to discuss my middle son’s experiences with bullying in the Katy school system. He likely had no idea who Lance Hindt was before this meeting. The following month, Sean went back to speak again. During this speech, Lance Hindt would callously refer to my deceased son. I will never forget the way he put his hand down on the table and smugly turned away from Sean after using my deceased child to make a point. I was beyond offended. The next day, I sent an email to every then sitting member of the board, as well as Mr. Hindt, and the heads of Human Resources at Katy ISD expressing the horror I felt in seeing my son used as a chess move against my husband. Not a single member of the board or Hindt even bothered to acknowledge that email. Had I received an email like that, it would have eaten at me that I hurt a mother in my position. But despite my email having been filled with obvious pain at the exchange at the meeting the night before – no one even gave me the respect of acknowledging that I’d said anything. And before I go any further – shame on you. Shame on every single one of you who received that email and said nothing.

You probably haven’t heard this angle of the story until today. Despite numerous people who attended this meeting asking my husband to draw attention to this exchange to show that this whole thing was started by Hindt’s behavior, and not Sean having some strange vendetta, he didn’t. Why?

Because I asked him not to. I didn’t want my deceased son to be the subject of public discussion. I didn’t want my children to experience having complete strangers deciding if what was said about their brother was offensive or not. And because I knew some people were looking to hurt my husband at any cost. Sadly, some people use it, imagining every ounce of soreness it causes, willfully. Because %#*! my son, %$&! his siblings, &$!& his mother – my husband said something other people don’t like. And they will take a punch at him any way they can.

If you’ve never lost a child, let me tell you that it is inarguably the hardest thing you’ll ever go through in your life. It is the rawest wound. The most unprotected portion of your soul that you have. And yet, some people’s distaste for my husband has removed all lines of decency they might have otherwise possessed. I’m not going to give the specifics credence by detailing them, but some people apparently have no soul.

However, Sean keeping me out of things wasn’t solely due to my request. As I know him, he knows me. I like to keep to myself and stay in my lane, but I’m also Pandora’s box. I wouldn’t have taken on this fight if the choice had been mine alone, but he is my ride or die. When he offered to drop all of this to make life go back to normal, I knew I couldn’t let him. Whether or not you always agree with his methods, I can promise you his heart is in the right place.

Because this is not ok y’all. What’s been happening in this district, the way elected officials have been behaving, the fiscal mismanagement of our taxes, and the way people who know us – and know our hearts – have turned a blind eye and a silent tongue to protect their social standing. But it’s ok. Because in the voting booth there only resides you and your conscience.

The biggest hurdle to change in this district is apathy. Last year less than 6,000 people came out to vote who gets to manage how our $800,000,000 budget was spent in a school district with a population of over 320,000. Less than 2% of the people came out to decide who will help mold, shape, and grow their children’s future. Even if you don’t have kids, you’re paying the taxes, and these people decide if those taxes will increase or decrease and how they’ll be used. That’s the first thing that needs to change. How can we raise kids with civic responsibility when we’re not showing them with our actions how it’s done?

So, mark your calendars. May 4th. I don’t even care at this point who you vote for. Just VOTE.
Me? I’ll be voting for Sean Dolan. I want change.

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