My Wife Breaks Her Silence #4

While I’ve gotten most of the big weights off my chest this past week after staying quiet on the topic for almost a year, I feel the need to give some perspective to the smear campaign the Katy Enquirer has been running against my husband for the last year. Times are hard and discussing my husband drums up desperately needed page views for a failed blogger to keep a sinking ship afloat a little while longer.

A few years ago, we turned down an opportunity presented for us to invest time into the publication to gain partial ownership in it. I felt it was a failing business model, in general, and served to be a distraction to our real businesses that were much more profitable. Shortly after, my husband would become a proverbial enemy of the state in said gossip rag.

But I digress. Karma will have her say concerning the Great Oz of the Katy Enquirer in the end.
What I want to discuss is more that after a year of targeting him, after your taxes spent 20K+ investigating him, and after someone dug through a decade+ of his Facebook photos and posts, one of the worst things they could find was a photo of Sean with some sexual innuendo on his T-shirt and him dancing provocatively with a girl the same evening over a decade ago.

What truly amazes me though is all the photos someone had to pass over and thumb through to find that photo of a young Sean flanked by two models. Here’s what was in the decade worth of photos they had to scroll through to reach it:

  • Sean raising his children and spending an insane amount of time with them
  • Sean coaching KYF football for three years
  • Sean coaching YMCA basketball
  • Sean chaperoning school trips both locally and abroad
  • Sean volunteering as a Watchdog at multiple schools
  • Sean serving as a Junior Achievement teacher in Katy ISD
  • Sean volunteering his services as a DJ for free to numerous Katy ISD events
  • Us visiting a Haitian refugee village and helping to raise 8K for organizations that support them
  • Us being a bronze sponsor of the Katy Rice Festival this year
  • Sean handing a scholarship check from our company to a deserving Taylor High school student to cover a summer work-study program she had been accepted into after her scholarship application was denied
  • Sean and I presenting a $1,000 scholarship from our company to a teenager whose home was destroyed in Harvey
  • Sean attending numerous benefits, runs, and events for charities we have supported
  • Sean advocating for the homeless

And the stuff you don’t see, but would be easy to learn if people bothered to look into what good Sean does as much as they try and find the bad –

  • That time a fast food employee started crying as she was closing up and confided in Sean she was temporarily homeless, so Sean got her a hotel for a few nights since she’d been sleeping in her car
  • Us spending a few grand and a ton of my time creating the Katy Athletic Booster Club a new website only to have them remove any and all mention of thanks to our company for that donation from the site once my husband started speaking up against the school board (but they still use the site…)
  • Us donating thousands each year for the last four years to the KHS girls basketball team
  • Sean seeing a woman crying at a school event and finding out she was experiencing hard financial times – and handing the administration of the event an anonymous donation for her
  • Us donating $1,500 in gift cards to a Christmas fundraiser at KHS for kids with cancer

I could go on, but if you know me, you know I’m not the kind of person who seeks praise for doing this kind of stuff. In fact, I’m the person that will duck out of the event I helped pay for before it’s over because I feel awkward when people thank me if I still there when it’s over. Because we’re happy to do this kind of stuff without fanfare. If we post about doing some sort of charity work, it’s usually in an attempt to inspire others to donate their time and money as well. But then I have to watch people ask what good my husband has done for this community? Claim that all he has done is divide it?

Let me bring you back to Harvey. We were extremely fortunate not to flood. I woke up two days into Harvey and Sean was gone. I grabbed my phone and saw a text message from him, “Couldn’t sleep knowing people are out there. I needed to do something. I joined the Cajun Navy. No idea when I’ll be home.” For the next week+, Sean spent 16+ hours a day on a boat. He rescued people, and transported fire, police, and other emergency officials to places their transportation was unable to reach.

There were snakes, live wires, and Staph in the water. They were unable to see what they were walking into most times, and their boat would lose more than one propeller due to hitting the roofs of cars in their travels. He even drove a car full of cats from Pearland to Katy (and he’s highly allergic, so let me tell you, that was hell for him) as rescue efforts died down. The photos below were taken by Sean as he was out during that time. In fact, Sean was sending a certain tabloid many of the images they published about Harvey, so they were fully aware of his contribution during that event. But, when there’s an agenda, and hurt feelings, who needs to present the whole picture of a person?

The other night I was laying in bed scrolling through Facebook and saw a meme that said, “appreciate the people who run toward the sound of gunshots and not away from them.” Whether being that person is smart, stupid, or maybe a little cocky, I looked at Sean, showed him the meme and said, “this is you.”

That’s the best way I can explain my husband.

Sean Dolan

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